Rust Library

Relision Language (RL)



Relision is a term rewriting library written in Rust. Right now it is pre-1.0.0, so development is still closed. If you are interested in participating, let the maintainers know and we can add you to the repository on Gitlab.

The focus of development right now is on the matching system. The system can read and process terms, but is not quite Turing complete just yet (it needs to be able to match and rewrite the lambda expressions).


Relision is, in some ways, a successor to Elision. Elision is a term rewriter written in Scala and donated to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where it became the core of ORNL's Hyperion static analysis system.


Relision focuses on performance through improved concurrency and the elimination of garbage collection, and a simplified language for expressing rewriting rules and strategies.


Relision is under development right now, but as it develops documentation will appear here. If you want to follow the development, you can visit my blog.