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   * [[lib:decoder|Reading by Character]]   * [[lib:decoder|Reading by Character]]
   * [[lib:parser|Building Parsers]]   * [[lib:parser|Building Parsers]]
 +  * [[lib:logging|Logging]]
 <newcolumn> <newcolumn>
 __**Relision Language (RL)**__ __**Relision Language (RL)**__
-  * [[rl:ebnf|EBNF]]  +  Unavailable
-  * [[rl:primitives|Primitives]] +
-  * [[rl:literals|Literals]]+
 </columns> </columns>
 </box> </box>
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 ====== Relision ====== ====== Relision ======
-**Relision** will be a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rewriting|term rewriting]] library written in [[https://rust-lang.org|Rust]].+**Relision** is a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rewriting|term rewriting]] library written in [[https://rust-lang.org|Rust]].  Right now it is pre-1.0.0, so development is still **closed**.  If you are interested in participating, let the maintainers know and we can add you to the repository on Gitlab. 
 +The focus of development right now is on the matching system.  The system can read and process terms, but is not quite Turing complete just yet (it needs to be able to match and rewrite the lambda expressions).
 <columns 100% 33% 33% 33%> <columns 100% 33% 33% 33%>